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3, 2, 1 – The final almonds. When Abby motivates herself to get out of the apartment for Julia’s This American Life show, she’s met with two unwanted surprises. &

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14 , 12, 11, 10 – Having ignored the advice of her friends, Abby finally confesses the truth to Chris after a painting puts her in a trance. &

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15, 14 – Edward and Carol Lynn get married; Danger Zone shares a moment; Abby defies Chris’s request. &

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66, 65, 64, 62 – A medical emergency brings Abby and Campbell’s friendship into focus and Abby reveals her biggest secret to Chris. &

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161, 153, 137, 122, 106, 105, 104, 102 (WE’RE STILL COUNTING ALMONDS.) – Abby navigates public restrooms at a Dolly Parton concert, and learns about humanity in the process.

Work.In.Progress.S01E03.WEB.H264-TBS & Work.In.Progress.S01E03.720p.WEB.H264-TBS

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162 – Chris and Abby have a Bacchanalian day of various meals.

Work.In.Progress.S01E01E02.WEB.H264-TBS & Work.In.Progress.S01E01E02.720p.WEB.H264-TBS

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180 Almonds – Abby begins an existential life evaluation vowing mortal consequences after 180 days. Her therapist checks out mid-session and a first date turns into a confrontation with the woman responsible for ‘ruining her life’: SNL’s Julia Sweeney.
176, 172, 171 – Abby feels out of place when Chris takes her to a hip, sex-positive “queer wonderland” for their second date and has a free therapy session.


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